WOOF Sportswear, Inc. was founded in January 2016 by Kalin and Paul. “WOOF” is a simple exclamatory remark we find ourselves uttering when we come across something that changes our immediate attitude. It can be angering, sexy, cool, or gross, and when it happens, it’s unconscious. Whether it’s a horrible bite of sushi or an interception touchdown against your favorite team, these four letters seemingly drip from our lips.

The guys here at WOOF Sportwear are football guys. We are meatheads through and through, and four months out of the year, we “breathe” America’s game! We grew up playing the game. We grew up watching the game, and with the advent of Fantasy football, we now spend hours a week studying the game.

A number of years ago, Kalin, on some random Sunday, was at his favorite watering hole. A player on a his fantasy league scored a freak, out of nowhere, TOUCHDOWN!! Jaw on the ground and hands in the air, he began peacocking around the bar, chanting “I LOVE TDs”. One of his friends (while laughing at what an ass he was being), threw out a “who doesn’t?”.  Kalin started laughing and began to brainstorm. What a fun idea to make a shirt that read, “I LOVE TDs”, where people could wear these shirts to local football games! Kalin was thinking, “I was in a fraternity at Arizona State University, and I would have loved to wear a shirt like that to the game”. Maybe my girlfriend could wear one too? The thought of tailgating in downtown Tempe with his frat Brothers, drinking a few brews, chewing on some BBQ, and all of them wearing “I LOVE TDs” across their chest was the beginning of his dream.

That random Sunday occurred in October of 2013 during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. He initially thought he would, every year, create this fun, pink, shirt that reads “I LOVE TDs” for the month of October. The whole idea of “real men don’t wear pink” flies out the door in October, and this would allow every guy to proudly wear PINK at a football game. He wanted to align himself with a reputable breast cancer charity, and as the idea would spread throughout the U.S., larger donations of proceeds would directly affect Breast Cancer research.

Kalin met Paul at a local watering hole in 2014. Kalin introduced the T-shirt concept to Paul in the summer of 2015, and Paul friggen loved the idea! Over a handshake (and a martini), the deal was on, and they began developing the brand.

As the idea progressed, we knew we could market to every fan of football in the U.S. by placing this slogan on t-shirts and other clothing in colors that match their favorite team colors. This promotes the brand, not only in October, but throughout the entire football season. Fans can enjoy wearing these fun T’s celebrating their squad!